Thursday, December 19, 2013

Gimme, gimme, gimme

My children, bless their hearts, have a case of the gimme's.  And unfortunately, alot of it is my fault.  That's right, MY fault.  Because when they were younger and developing their attitudes and personalities, when I went to the store, I bought them something.  And now, at the ages of 6 and 8, I'm paying the price for it.

Every time a commercial comes on with a toy being advertised, I hear, "I want THAT!"  I've come to HATE the commercials of one toy store, simply because every time one comes on, my children come running from where ever they are in the house to see it and find something else they WANT.

So, this year, I decided to take matters in to my own hands.  They are old enough to understand the REAL reason for the season, and I've been working on that with them.  One night, I actually felt a glimmer of hope when my son said "Momma, it's not all about toys, it's about Jesus!"

One day a fellow homeschool mom and FB friend pinned a picture for the 4 Gift Rule.  And it hit me, THAT'S what we need to do!

And so, I sat out to figure out what their 4 gifts would be.  My daughter LOVES art, coloring, painting, drawing, etc.  And she had been telling me that she was art supplies for Christmas, so I got her some art supplies.  My son is a BIG Avengers fan, so he's getting a Hulk to go with his Iron Man and Iron Patriot, and he's getting Captain America from my mom. ;-)

For their wear, they're both getting a hat, scarf and gloves set, these also fill the NEED category.  Hopefully, they'll not lose the gloves the first time they wear them. LOL  For the read, I asked my fellow moms on FB for recommendations.  I found a set of the first four Junie B books for Baby Girl, and a set of 4 Magic Tree House books for Little Man.  

We do Santa, so I found some smaller items for them from Santa, and their stocking stuffers, and my husband used points he had been saving on his Love's card to get them some MORE toys.

BUT before they are getting the new items, I have gone through their rooms, without they're knowing it, and cleaned out stuff!  Broken toys, things they no longer play with.  All those annoying little things that come from fast food restaurants.

And so, while I have not completely taken care of the gimme mentality, I'm working on it, and hoping that some day in the future, my children will realize, as I came to one day years ago, it's not ALL about the gifts we receive!

Do you "do" Santa?  How do you handle the gimme's in your children?

Merry Christmas!



  1. I LOVE this idea. I know my kids, especially my older ones have been spoiled. My oldest daughter (now 24) was the first granddaughter on both sides, first niece, first everything. I remember her first Christmas asking if she could stop opening presents for awhile just so she could play for awhile. I was also a mom that would buy little things if the kids were good on days that I dragged them everywhere on errands. Live and learn. I'm doing things much differently with my youngest now. I know I put a lot of pressure on myself to live up to what we could afford in the past but my kids don't seem to mind so I shouldn't. I'm still learning :) (

  2. Thanks for stopping by Adena! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! Now to find places to put all the toys the kids got. :-/


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